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Bucepharlandra and CRS


Bucepharlandra and CRS


Painted Fire Cherry Shrimp ~by PlantedTank on Flickr


Painted Fire Cherry Shrimp ~by PlantedTank on Flickr


ART: Sand Art by Mikhail Sadovnikov 

We can go ahead and file this under coolest thing you’ll see all day. Artist Mikhail Sadovnikov who used to be a mathematician blurs the line between performance and visual art as he creates pattern after pattern on the wheel. Footage after the jump:

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OK! so i am finally posting this! (i’m totally on spring break so I’m being way lazy with this)

Rules(ooh, Scary!)

  • you must follow me (kinda the point of a follower giveaway)
  • reblog as many times as you like but i don’t know if they will show up on the feed thingy but whatever
  • likes count
  • I’ll ship wherever
  • idfk yall know what the rules are normally so just do whatever floats your boat


  • 2 medium/large sized marimos (i don’t know where i will be ordering them from just yet)
  • a box full of Asian candy (i will not skimp on the candy, trust me. i have this big box imma use and it can hold a lot, like at least $20 worth of candy)
  • $10 starbucks gift card (sorry it’s not much but most of my birthday money is going towards this so yeah.)


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repeat after me: i am a sexy bitch and no one ruins my 2014

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bummed this isn’t linked to my etsy shop.. 

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